5 Best Looking Fit Cheats That Actually Work

OK, so you want to lose weight for an upcoming event. And you want to do it FASTER. What if there was a way you could avoid unhealthy crash diets and stay out of the gym… and still find yourself losing weight without turning your life upside down?

Our fitness experts have come up with a simple cheat sheet filled with ridiculously simple life hacks that you could try while sitting at your desk or eating your favorite pasta meal. And NO, it doesn’t involve starving yourself or breaking a sweat at the gym. It’s all about small changes combined with targeted techniques!

  1. Thirsty anyone?


The most important rule of fast weight loss without diets or sweat involves your drinking habits. And I’m sure you’re no stranger to people telling you water is a Godsend. I’m not going to be one of those people – but I’m going to tell you why water is the perfect slim-down drink ever.

  • It has ZERO calories
  • Helps jumpstart your metabolism
  • Flushes out any harmful toxins from your body

Other accepted drinks? One cup of coffee, green tea or even a fruit smoothie will do wonders for your energy levels as well as weight loss efforts!

  1. Woman on top


 I’m sure this is a hard habit to stand by… Just kidding! But I’m not kidding about sex being one of your best allies when it comes to dropping pounds with a smile on your face.

And being on top means you do all the work, and you can burn up to 140 calories for 30 minutes of pure pleasure. And sex also has other health benefits: from supercharging your feel-good hormones to helping you ride out those food cravings.

  1. The 36 Rule


It’s no wonder gym classes in middle school were so much fun! Staples like push-ups and lunges were really putting our juices in motion, and were responsible for cranking up the feel good vibes.

The good news is that your body will look more sculpted and firm if you stick by these 2 gym all-time favorites: push-ups and lunges. Try doing three sets of each exercise every other day and you’ll surely improve your muscle tone.

  1. Sleep tight; don’t let the bedbugs bite!


30 minutes! That’s all it takes for you to feel refreshed and full of energy every morning. Try setting the alarm 30 minutes later and with the extra hour of sleep you can boost your metabolism, and even firm up your muscles.

  1. One sacrifice


In life, nothing worth having comes easy. And losing weight is no different. But you don’t have to rule out food groups all together to actually burn calories. Try making just ONE food sacrifice every day.

Let’s say you want a chocolate cake for dessert, after eating a whole bag of chips. If you let go of just one of these treats you body will thank you for it… and that translates into less fat deposited on your problem areas.

Bonus: No Balloons Allowed


This is one technique I use whenever I have to wear a fitted dress or skirt and I want to avoid the whole “balloon look”. For a flatter tummy, you should try taking one anti-gas pill that will help the gas bubbles in your digestive system simply break up and relieve any bloating in your stomach.

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