Beyond Wrinkles: 7 Beauty Mistakes That Make You Look Old

Sure, an aging complexion contributes to your overall appearance but looking older is about a lot more than just wrinkles.

We are a nation obsessed. Oh, not just with the comings, goings and bikini-bod barings of C-list celebrities. Not just with dancing and singing and bad behavior-condoning reality shows. But with aging, wrinkles and sagging — and, of course, with how to undo all of it.

For centuries, countless cultures have honored and revered their elders (wrinkles and all) but, these days, we worship and kowtow to youth. Think that’s all just media hype? Think again.

In 2010 we doled out a mind-boggling $10.7 billion for cosmetic procedures. And, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, 2,437,165 of us got Botox injected into our wrinkles while another 1.3 million had fillers injected into theirs.

See beauty mistakes that make you look older.

Then there’s the $115.5 billion we spend annually on anti-aging skin care products — those topical creams and potions and lotions that we hope will undo the toll time has taken on our faces and bodies. Not to mention the vast array of anti-aging supplements (resveratrol, collagen boosters, oral hyaluronic acid) that now pepper the shelves of both vitamin shops and beauty aisles alike.

Yes, we women (though last year men had 750,000 cosmetic procedures done — some for anti-aging purposes) want to recapture our youth and will, it seems, stop at nothing to do it. But here’s the irony; there are seven egregious everyday errors that women make with their hair, makeup and other aspects of their physical appearance that make them look older than they are. That’s right, seven relatively simple-to-fix things that you can start doing today to take years off your looks.







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