How to Grow Longer Eyelashes and Fuller Eyebrow Naturally

Eyebrow and eyelashes are both essential part of facial beauty. Thick eyebrows and fuller eye-lashes are very much “in” this season.

Prolonged use of beauty products like eyelash curlers, expired mascara, false eyelashes, and beauty practices like frequent plucking or threading can leave our once full and beautiful eyebrows and eyelashes sparse and barely noticeable.

To correct this we resort to measures like using glued on false eyelashes, pencil fillers for our eyebrows, expensive products that promise longer thicker eyelashes but don’t seem to do the trick and in desperate times some even resort to tattooed eyebrows.

Although there are many mascara and other products that claim to give you desired results but I wouldn’t suggest you using them because they can be harmful for your delicate eyes due to chemicals.

Give your eyelashes and eyebrows a much needed break. Take a break from using glued on false eyelashes and avoid eyelash curlers. Stop over-plucking your eyebrows and go easy on the tweezers.

The longer your lashes and brows are free from makeup, the better they will grow. Remember to remove all your eye makeup at night time before going to bed to give your lashes and eyebrows a chance to breathe.

Olive oil is a great natural hair care treatment that is widely used to deep condition, it gives a beautiful shiny luster and soft manageable texture. After washing your face, apply a drop or two of Olive Oil to your eyelash and eyebrows using a cotton ball, leave on for 5-10 minutes, then rinse it off.

Comb your lashes and brows. There are small little combs that you can use to brush your eyelashes and eyebrows out before you put on your mascara, Brushing your lashes and brows gently and frequently can actually make them grow a little longer.

Massage your eyelids and eyebrow area. Rub your eyelids gently as this stimulate the hair follicles can actually truly help make your eyelashes grow stronger and longer.

Aloe Vera is a great home remedy that can be used for various purposes. It’s natural and really works. If you want to nourish your eyelashes and eyebrows, and make them grow, apply some fresh Aloe Vera gel straight to your lashes before going to bed.

Green tea can be used on your lashes and brows. Make some green tea, let it cool and then swipe it over your lashes with some cotton. The caffeine and flavonoids, found in green tea will help maintain the growth of existing lashes and brows and stimulate new growth too.


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